Optimal animal welfare, low emissions of particulate matter, odours and ammonia, very low energy consumption and a uniquely shaped barn that fits seamlessly into a variety of landscapes: Windstreek is a highly original and integrated system of sustainable broiler farming. Among its unique features are the breeding hood for the youngest chicks, the concave shape of the roof and the open faƧade for maximum natural wind ventilation.

The first pilot barn was built in Raalte, the Netherlands, in 2015.

Circular Landscapes participates in the consortium responsible for the development and marketing of the Windstreek sustainable broiler farm. Further partners in the consortium include Plukon Food Group, Sommen automatisering+elektrotechniek, poultry farmer Robert Nijkamp, and Wageningen UR Livestock Research.

The development of Windstreek has been granted financial support from the Dutch government's Small Business Innovation & Research programme.

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