Profiel PortretPieter Veen

Circular Landscapes was founded by landscape architect Pieter Veen. Through his experience in both the profit and nonprofit sectors he has gained an insight into all aspects of the field of sustainability and the landscape. In recent years, Pieter has worked as project manager at Vista Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning, where he focused on the agricultural sector and the spatial aspects of the circular economy. Pieter is also a partner in the Windstreek consortium, co-founder of Servicenet Nationale Landschappen and a guest lecturer at various educational institutions.

As a Wageningen-educated landscape architect, Pieter has the ability the see the whole picture and make the connections that make it possible to find practical solutions to complex spatial issues. His personal involvement and open mind allow him to bring people together and inspire a collaborative approach.

The circular economy could add unexpected qualities to the landscape and reconnect people with their environment. To achieve this we will need to reorganize our use of space and the interaction between business, governments and civilians. This is what I aim to achieve with Circular Landscapes.